Know Your Customer (KYC)

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)


Compliance regulations require Fintech and Banking industries to know their customers and where crypto transaction services are provided to monitor for money laundering activities. Avaldus provides scalable BPO solutions and certified staff to trace and understand blockchain activity.

Our certified team members can review, investigate, and monitor complex smart contracts and defi transactions.

Detect Crypto Crime

Illicit blockchain activity like ransomware and crypto currency scams are becoming more common, and bad actors are using innovative techniques to obfuscate their trail.

Money Laundering

Explore. Investigate. Take Action. You can depend on our certified team to protect your customers. Where required teams can be scaled up quickly to trace Money Laundering.

Know Your Customer

Pull documents and records on suspect transactions and the companies involved. Expanded “Know Your Transaction” investigation including document discovery.

growth opportunities with scalable blockchain solutions

✔   We keep up with evolving crypto regulations, saving you potential fines and penalties. 

✔   Our goal is to increase your revenue, decrease costs, and mitigate risk, using our low cost, highly trained offshore teams.

✔   The Avaldus solution offers holistic coverage of crypto activity, with automated and continuous monitoring.

✔   We optimize risk management with customizable transfer level and behavioral alerts, giving you peace of mind. 

✔   We implement the use of crypto forensics tools that investigate and trace the movement of funds.  

✔  With Avaldus, you can expect immediate value-driven crypto-guidance and a longer-term plan for growth.

✔  Our Chainalysis certified teams are trained to work with your CampEx and AML systems.

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